Occupy Congress Protesters Take To Social Media To Spread Their Message

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    Source: in5d.com

  • The Occupy movement may have died down at the ports and in city financial districts, but it is alive and filled with vigor in Washington D.C., as protesters have taken to Congress. On Tuesday, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the U.S. Capital to object to the use of corporate money in politics. At least four people have been arrested for rallying. According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, this protest has occurred right when a record 84 percent of Americans are saying they disapprove of the way Washington lawmakers are doing their job.

  • Organizers and supporters continue to leverage social media to spread the movement’s message and efforts. Demonstrators have been tweeting photographs and posting updates on the event’s Facebook page all day.

  • How do you think the group should move forward with communicating with Congress?