Sites Shut Down and Web Reacts To #SOPA, Over 25k Tweets Per Hour

  • As of midnight EST many of the webs top sites have shut down to protest the anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA. Craigslist, Wikipedia, Boing Boing have completely shut down for 24 hours. is currently counting down until they go dark for 12 hours starting at 8am EST. is making their statement by blacking out their own logo completely. Google is also encouraging users to reach out to congress and fill out a petition on their site against SOPA.

    You can find a full list of participants and make your own site dark at

    Many are adding STOP SOPA to their Twitter and Facebook avatars using to take a stand and raise awareness in their community.

    Words and phrases around the cause are dominating Twitter and Google trends completely. According to there have been over 25,000 tweets using #SOPA in the past hour alone, with 142,000 in the past 24 hours. #WikipediaBlackout is also trending on Twitter having been used over 18,000 times in updates, along with #StopSopa, End Piracy, Stop Online Piracy Act and Tell Congress.

    Even our favorite Ryan Gosling meme has made its way into the movement thanks to the Tumblr Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling.