Can Apple Innovate Education? Read More About Their Announcement

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  • Earlier today, Apple revealed a new focus for the company at New York’s Guggenheim Museum looking to innovate yet another industry, education, with its new iBooks 2 application. This app will allow students to view and interact with textbooks they would normally get from their classroom. To facilitate and demonstrate the power of their new system, Apple has also launched iBook Author, a free application that allows Mac users to create digital and interactive textbooks. This opens up the potential for everyday users to create their own books, such as cookbooks and picture books, which can then be published to the iTunes app store. And the price for digital education? Most textbooks are expected to sell for $14.99 or less.

    Apple is also bringing another major app to consumers: iTunes U. According to Apple, “With the new iTunes U app, students using iPads have access to the world’s largest catalog of free educational content, along with over 20,000 education apps.” Apple intends for this program to connect users to educational content from a variety of top tier universities. Additionally, iTunes U is set up to allow for educators and institutions to offer entire courses on a completely digital platform.

    This new move by Apple opens up huge doors for free education, under the condition that we use our Macs and iGadgets of course. Here is what the web has to say: