Band Scores 30 Million Views Covering Gotye on YouTube

  • Guest post by Esteban L. Hernandez

    Bands usually consist of two or more musicians playing their own instruments in unison. Walk Off the Earth is a bit more economical.

    In a video posted on YouTube January 5, the Canadian indie band performs a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” featuring Sarah Blackwood of the Creep, with all five musicians playing on a single acoustic guitar.

    The catchy tune even has vocals from two of the four band members and Blackwood. But the best part? The song sounds fantastic, with a crisp guitar riff somehow accompanied by a bass line being played on the E string of the guitar. There’s even percussion provided by the slight tapping of the guitar’s body and what can only be described as a heavenly harp chirp.

  • It’s close to reaching the 30 million views, and has amassed more than 370,000 likes on YouTube. It will need about 15 millions more views before it matches the amount of views the song’s original music video has garnered.

    According to the bands Twitter handle, @WalkOffTheEarth, the video was recorded on January 4. On January 7, New Zealander Russell Crowe praised the band’s cover, calling it “brilliant,” on his Twitter account.