Senator’s Twitter Account Hacked By Anonymous

  • The Twitter account of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was hacked on Monday by an alleged follower of the hacker collective, Anonymous.

    All of the tweets allegedly posted by the hacker have been deleted.

    After Tweeting that Iowans should vote against the controversial bills SOPA and PIPA, both bills that Grassley supported, the hacker tweeted that they were an Anonymous follower.

    Soon after, the hacker challenged followers to see who could change Grassley’s password, then posted the password for the account.

    The account is now in the hands of another person, as they Tweeted, “To clarify, I’m not the person that originally hacked the account. I think that person got their point across.”

    All of the original tweets, which included responses to followers and a fake endorsement for Herman Cain, have been deleted, but not before several on Twitter retweeted some of the responses. The Cain reference in particular was retweeted by several confused users.

    Anonymous presence has been surging as of late. The group launched a widely-covered assault on websites last week after the FBI shut down the popular file-sharing website, The group took responsibility for hacking, The Motion Picture Association of America and Universal music, among others high-profile websites.