Author Maurice Sendak Appears On “Colbert Report,” Hilarity Ensues

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  • The piece, titled “Grim Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak,” had host Stephen Colbert interview the author in his home, asking him about his many books, the potential for book groupies and why he thought teaching reading skills for children was important.

  • Sendak held his own against Colbert’s humorous and condescending questions, and the two traded a few verbal jabs before Sendak dropped a bomb after Colbert quoted GOP candidate Newt Gingrich on children’s lack of work ethic.

    “But New Gingrich, is an idiot,” Sendak responded, drawing loud cheers and applaud from Colbert’s studio crow. “There’s something so hopelessly gross and vile about him. It’s hard to take him serious.”

    “Well let’s agree to disagree,” Colbert responded.

    Sendak also admitted that he disliked adults, that he writes not for children but simply to write, and that he was disinterested in writing a sequel to his famous children’s book, disagreeing with Colbert’s suggestions to make a book featuring Vin Diesel.

    The second part of the interview will air on Wednesday night on Comedy Central.