Obama Goes Old School With Power Point During State of the Union

  • President Obama’s annual State of the Union last night got a 1990’s upgrade: Power Point. The White House’s official live stream on Youtube split the viewing half-president, half-slides. Reactions from around the web were equally split on whether the “enhanced” version was an improvement or a taudry addition that sapped an otherwise regal tradition.




    Obama’s PacMan illustration (an analogy for the need to streamline the government’s jobs program) was easily the most memorable.

  • Screen shot 2012 01 25 at 9.43.15 am

    via Techpresident.com

  • “For one, I don’t remember a thing that Obama said, though I do remember the slide illustrating the rise in income of the top 1% of the population, and I also remember the slide that illustrated the need to streamline government jobs programs by showing a PacMan eating its way through a maze,” wrote TechPresident’s Micah Sifry

    Even before the Power Point seen ’round the world, Eliot Spitzer (yes, THAT Eliot Spitzer) suggested Obama collapse the hour-long oration for a 10-minute, bullet-pointed speech. To prove how much Obama has done, he argues, just show job growth and decline graphs, which show the worst “Net Change in Private Sector Jobs” when Obama takes office, and a steady increase ever since.

  • 120123 01 netchangeinprivatesectorjobs

    via Slate.com

  • What do you think? Did the State of the Union need an upgrade? Or, should the State of the Union preserve its 18th century nobleness? (watch the “enhanced” version below).