Anonymous Hacks UFC Founder Dana White After Defending SOPA

  • The hacker collective Anonymous sent a clear message to individuals on Thursday night: cross our path and your private information becomes fair game.

    Dana White (@danawhite), president of Ultimate Fighting Champion, engaged in a heated exchange with an Anonymous Twitter handle (@YourAnonNews) on Thursday after arguing against Anonymous’ support of SOPA.

    White appeared agitated that people could illegally download his pay-per-view events or sell fights while pocketing the money. White also may have been angry over Anonymous’ hacking of the on Saturday.

    The exchanges included explicit language and included attacks from followers of Anonymous’ Twitter account. After several exchanges, Anonymous posted an online document revealing White’s private information.

    Although we couldn’t verify whether all the information on the online document is true, the posting and sharing of the info on Twitter sends a stark message to any other individuals who passionately oppose Anonymous’ agenda. While White is a public figure, with more than 1 million followers on his Twitter account (including, after the exchange, @YourAnonNews) a direct attack on an individual is an uncharacteristic move by the hacker collective.

    The documents included an address, social security number, cell phone number and even mentioned White’s wife, a person the document stated White had known “since the eight grade.”

    The document was hosted by Pastebin, and has already garnered more than 9,000 hits. It’s unclear if the website will take the document down.

    Check out the online reaction below. Do you think Anonymous has gone too far?