Shaun White Wins The Winter X Games With SuperPipe Perfection

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  • Pro snowboarder extraordinaire Shaun White proved once again that he’s SuperPipe perfection. The athlete won his fifth gold medal at the Winter X Games on Sunday with a glistening score of 100, and he did it all with a sprained ankle. His applauded run included an 18-foot backside air, a 17-foot frontside double cork 1080, an 11-foot switch frontside double cork 1080, a 14-foot frontside cork 540, a 13-foot backside double cork 1260 and a 12-foot frontside double cork 1260. After all is said and done, his performance was the first back-to-back double cork in Winter X Games history.

  • “It’s unreal,” White said after his big win. “I’ve been wanting that 100 forever. Thank you so much, everybody, tonight. I came here on a mission: I couldn’t compete in Slope and it kind of broke me. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting around icing my ankle wondering if I could even ride tonight, and I kind of took out a little bit of that anxiety and anger that I couldn’t compete in Slope in the pipe tonight.”