‘Game Change’ Trailer Is The Talk Of Twitter

  • Game change teaser trailer presents julianne moore as sarah palin 300x171

    Source: aceshowbiz.com

  • “We live in the age of YouTube and the 24-hour news cycle,” declared Woody Harrelson in the trailer for the new politically-charged HBO film “Game Change,” which chronicles John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign from when he selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate to President Barak Obama’s win. The movie features Ed Harris as McCain, Harrelson as McCains’ advisor Steve Schmidt and Julianne Moore as Palin. Moore’s portrayal of the once-vice-presidential hopeful has been generating buzz for months, and is now the talk of Twitter, thanks to the release of the film’s full trailer.

  • “Game Change” premieres on HBO on March 10. From the looks of it, most of the interwebs can hardly wait. Popcorn and politics for all is in the midst.