Romney Trounces Gingrich In Florida, Paul Struggles

  • Front-runner Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came ever closer to sealing his party’s nomination at last night’s primary.

    Romney locked up Florida with an impressive 46% of the vote, a full 14% ahead of his closest rival, Newt Gingrich, and more than 3 times Rick Santorum (13%), the breakout candidate that (eventually) beat Romney in the first primary. Ron Paul, the libertarian favorite, struggled with a measly 7% of the overall vote, which could hurt his chances of being given a coveted speaking role at the nomination convention in Tampa, Florida.

    Despite Romney’s solid win, New Gingrich is fighting on, in what many analysts have called the most negative campaign ever.


    A ruthless approach to politics is nothing new to the former Speaker of the House, who famously used the “scorched earth” strategy to halt then-President Bill Clinton’s progressive agenda.

  • The negative campaigning could cost the eventual Republican nominee the presidency come next November, as the historically negative campaigning may have caused Florida’s very low-turnout, down 14% from 2008. If Romney is to become president, he’ll not only have to win over Republicans, but independents as well.