The Slowest Week In Sports

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    Sunday’s big game feels so far away.

  • In the world of sports, there are naturally ebbs and flows–peaks and valleys. For every win, a loss seems to follow in one way or another; for every hero, a goat. But, America’s fascination with sports always seems to hold momentum like a steam engine in the desert.

    With one great exception–Superbowl week.

    A lot of great weeks dot the year-long sports calendar. For instance:

    – The first week in April: The Masters, MLB’s first week, NCAA’s Final Four, and the home-stretch for the NBA and NHL.

    – The first week in October: Rivalries in NCAA and NFL football start to mean something and MLB’s regular season ends.

    – Thanksgiving week: the start of the NBA (sans lockout) and NHL (also sans lockout), NCAA football’s home-stretch, and the NFL takes shape.

    Despite three major levels of sports occurring simultaneously (the NFL, the NBA, and NCAA Basketball) this week is the most laborious for sports fans everywhere. Who cares about the NBA before April? Who cares about college basketball until March Madness? Who cares about the NHL?

    No one, and this coming from a guy obsessed with all sports. This week is straight-up boring.

    I attribute this boredom to the week off between the thrill of Conference Championship week, the consequential sugar rush-like trash-talk of Super-team fans, and the fluff stories of sports reporters everywhere trying to fill their blogs and pages everyday in-between. If you’re like me and are so tired of reading about Peyton Manning’s contract, what pro-bowlers from ’85 think about Mathias Kiwanuka, and yesterday’s Pats practice that you find yourself spontaneously screaming at clocks, just remember: only a few more days until the greatest day in sports.

    Here’s what some of you are saying about Super-week: