Watch This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials Ranked By Twitter Reactions

  • The flurry of Super Bowl ads this year included a beer-fetching pooch, an infamous talking baby and the return of a beloved movie character.

    The ads have almost become as memorable and as time-honored as the game itself, and as the game ended, hundreds of people began tweeting “best of” lists for the commercials.

    So which one was your favorite?

    On Twitter, the reactions appeared mixed. People seemed to complain that the commercials were generally unfunny, while others cited their favorite commercials by adding a link. Buzzfeed even made a list of the commercials in the order of appearance. Hulu asked viewers to vote for their favorite commercial through Facebook. According to Brand Bowl who ranked commercials based on the Twitter conversation around them, the Doritos ninja baby spot ranked #1 with over 48,000 tweets followed by David Beckham for H&M and Chrystler featuring Clint Eastwood.

    Commercials using canines were very popular: a French bulldog winning races for Sketchers, a giant dog blackmailing Doritos cat owners and the very popular pooch named Weego who fetches Bud Light beers on command were particularly memorable.

    Here are some of the funniest commercials, in no particular order.