What Super Bowl Moments Garnered The Most Social Media Buzz

  • It was inevitable that the biggest sporting event in the United States would come close to creating some sort of Twitter records. So minutes after the game ended, Twitter’s official handle began showing exactly how many Tweets per second were generated.

    First there was the Super Bowl itself, which had an astonishing number of Tweets in the span of a single second.

  • The conclusion of the game garnered the most Tweets per second, with more than 12,000 TPS. In a close second was Madonna’s halftime performance, which generated more than 10,000 TPS.

  • Madonna’s halftime performance was a bit less tweeted, as some 8,000 TPS were sent over a five minute window.

  • However, even the Super Bowl TPS doesn’t come close to the Twitter all-time TPS record. This honor belongs to the December screening of the 1986 Japanese animated movie “Castle in the Sky” which generated a bewildering 25,088 TPS.