Cash in on Lin!

  • Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks’ newest superstar, has been blowing up the internet over the past few weeks. But now, people and companies are trying to make money off of him…in some pretty weird ways. Take this item on ebay:

    Yes, that’s (supposedly) Jeremy Lin’s boxer briefs from his days at Harvard on sale for a thousand dollars. Don’t worry. They’re clean. Another item on ebay was Jeremy’s Lin middle school year book signed by Lin himself and his whole basketball team, which sold for $2,800:

    And, finally, the famous ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s offered a new flavor of ice cream called “Taste the Linsanity” at it’s Harvard  location. The ice cream was made out of vanilla yogurt, the fruit lychee honey swirls, and fortune cookies:

    Some thought the use of fortune cookies was racist, others just thought the ice cream didn’t taste good. Ben & Jerry’s has since apologized for “failing” to recognize Jeremy Lin in proper fashion. They’ve since replaced the fortune cookies with pieces of waffle cone. The original fortune cookie version sold out.

    What personal items of Jeremy Lin’s would you purchase?