A Video For Good Going Crazy Viral: Kony 2012

  • Invisible Children, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child soldiers, has just released a video that, in 48 hours, has become a world-wide trending topic and garnered over 4 million views on Youtube. The video is part of an innovative campaign to make Joseph Kony, a Ugandan warlord who traffics child soldiers, a salient enough topic that the United States government will support humanitarian action to capture him. In addition to the video, volunteers with Invisible Children will plaster posters of Kony all over the country, with “Kony 2012“, playing off the 2012 election hysteria. The website also has a slick interface that allows users to tweet and contact celebrities, influential writers, and government officials. Earn some good Karma this Monday by getting involved by visiting Kony 2012.com.