“29 years old and hearing for the 1st time!” Gets Viral Boost From Kony 2012 Film

  • Guest post by Amanda Walgrove

    “29 years old and hearing for the 1st time!” is boasting a second round of viral viewership and 30+ pages of KONY 2012 comments just because it was clipped in the Kony video.

    In the video, Sarah Churman is 29 years old and, being born deaf, has never heard a sound. In August 2011, she received a hearing implant and her husband videotaped it being turned on and Sarah hearing for the first time in her life.

    It speaks to the nature of viral content when a video so universally profound and shocking as KONY 2012 can send off sparks that allow us to gather around another video that is so intimate, touching, and hopeful. Even the first 25+ pages of the video of Churman’s appearance on The Ellen Show are riddled with comments about KONY.