Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time Wraps SXSW In Bacon

  • Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time calls himself a “e-elebrity,” but he joined Shira on our final day at SXSW. He talked about his fans, Epic Meal Time’s process when shooting a new episode, and their upcoming trip to Japan.

    When asked what he thought of his first vist to SXSW Interactive, Harvey said it’s, “nerdy. Lots of messenger bags. Lots of mustaches and beards. Lots of earth-toned clothing.”

    He said all his friendships within Epic Meal Time have “grown and strengthened. We’ve all bonded further, for all new trips and experiences.”

    Harvey talked about Epic’s upcoming trip to Japan. When asked how will Epic Meal Time translate to a Japanesse audience, Harvey responded “poor.”

    Harvey filled us in on their newest St. Patrick’s Day episode, coming out tonight. He said they all got drunk first, before they started cooking, but gave a warning, “don’t be some guy who doesn’t know how to cook and get drunk and cook, because it’s dangerous, but we are dangerous guys.” The episode is great and the food is green.

    His favorite episodes of Epic Meal Time have been 84 Egg Meal Sandwich and Breakfast of Booze.

    They come up with new episode ideas by “we sit down, hang out. Toss out an idea. Mutate it, inject it with steriods, wrap it in bacon, and deep fry it.”

    Also, did you know Harvey used to be a teacher? His students still tweet him.

    Follow Harley @HarleyPlays and Epic Meal Time @EpicMealTime. And of course find new and old episodes of the hit internet cooking show at Epicmealtime.com or youtube.com/epicmealtime