Lohan Hits A Guy and Drives Away — I Smell Trouble [VIDEO]

  • Well, Lindsay Lohan has managed to get herself into trouble again. TMZ is reporting that last night, as she was leaving a club in Hollywood in her new Porsche, she attempted a three-point turn and, according to eye witnesses, hit a guy. After hitting this gentlemen (who was the manager of the Hookah Lounge next door), she quickly drove away, with out so much as checking if the guy was okay. As it turns out, the dude was fine and, as one eye witness said, got up and started “smoking his Hookah.”

    Ah, but the plot thickens. This morning, at about six am, it was reported the manager has checked himself into the emergency room and plans on hiring an attorney and pressing charges.

    Poor Lindsay Lohan. Trouble always seems to find her. Then again, if she had not gone to a club last night and stayed home and watched a DVR recording of HBO’s hit TV movie “Game Change,” none of this would have happened. Or if she simply stopped her car and checked if the guy was okay, then also maybe this wouldn’t be a problem. But, alas, Lindsay Lohan is not a normal human being.

    TMZ interviewed one of the eye witnesses. Besides the fact he gives his version of the events, there’s plenty of unintentional comedy here. When asked if he saw the manager fall down, the guy responds, “I don’t know. I was talking to a chick at the time.”