The Madness Begins And You Can Watch It All On Your Computer

  • This maybe the greatest day of the year for basketball fans. Forget maybe. It is. It’s March Madness and that means basketball games begin now (depending where you are, 9 am or noon) and goes for 12 straight hours. And when it’s all over today, the same thing happens tomorrow. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

    But there’s a hitch in most people’s plans. And that hitch is work. How can you be stuck at the office working on spreadsheets and having meetings when the greatest basketball day of the year is going on? Well, now if you are staring at your computer all day, you can be staring at basketball games.

    The NCAA March Madness Live app offers every single game live, plus stats and the ability to socialize with other fans. There’s even a boss button for when you need to LOOK like you are doing work.

    Yes, the last few years (while they were perfecting the technology) this app was free, but now it’s $3.99. A small price to pay for big basketball action.