iPad 3 Hits Stores, ‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer Released, Rush Limbaugh Joins Twitter: While You Were Sleeping

  • Unless you pulled an all-nighter in line at your local Apple store to feast your eyes and wallet on the new iPad (or “iPad 3”), chances are you were sleeping — and stories were making their ways across the Internet. Aside from the newest Apple product’s highly anticipated release, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer launched, Rush Limbaugh joined Twitter, and Ben & Jerry’s decided to support gay marriage with ice cream.

    What’s Trending posted an exclusive interview with the groggy Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniack, who, in ritual fashion, planted himself in line yesterday at noon at the Westfeldt Mall in order to get his iPad 3. But Wozniack wasn’t the only one burning the midnight oil. Apple and gadget fanatics around the world lined up and camped out in anticipation of the billion dollar company’s latest product. The things we’ll do for a brighter screen and longer battery life! Walmart even sold a limited number of iPads at midnight, eight hours before Apple retailers opened their doors.

    The trailer has been released for Tim Burton’s new film, Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Helena Bonham Carter. Slated to hit theaters in May 2012,  the supernatural comedy-drama is based on a 1960’s gothic soap opera of the same name. Burton puts his iconically pale-skinned Depp to use as Barnabas, an 18th century vampire who awakens in the 20th century.

  • Rush Limbaugh joined Twitter last night, adding another platform on which to stoke the fires of political controversy. While the conservative commentator’s account has yet to be verified, he has already garnered a healthy 112,000 followers after sending only two tweets, including links to articles about his loss of ad sponsors.

    Ben & Jerry’s released a flavor of ice cream in support of gay marriage, just as British Parliament is starting to debate the legalization (of the marriage, not the ice cream). The “Apple-y Ever After” container shows two men in tuxes standing on top of a wedding cake. Its flavor is described as “Apple pie ice cream with pieces of apple & chunks of rich pie crust.”