Is this Flying Human Bird Suit a Fake?

  • A video of a man flying an arm-flapping-powered wing suit is going viral on Twitter, but is it a fake?

    The videos, in Dutch (below), show the man taking off in flight and a headcam perspective of the voyage in mid-flight.

  • However, some online have questioned whether its really possible to create such a device, or achieve lift-off with such a slow take-off speed. Second, there’s strong ad placement in the video itself, with the GoPro helment cam, an HTC Wildfire S, and a Nintendo Wii all having suspiciously conspicuous roles in the video.

    Indeed, this wouldn’t be the first time a deliberaly faked ad made the rounds on Youtube. in 2009, Microsoft created a video a massive water slide jump into a kiddie pool, which initially fooled many viewers:

  • If the human birdwings suit is a fake, it’s certainly sophisticated. The project has its own website and a picture biography of where the device was constructed. Do you think its fake?