22 Million Hits Overwhelmed Census Site, See the Attraction

  • The Internet went data crazy yesterday, when data from the 1940 census was made available. The Los Angeles Times reports that 22.5 million hits in the first three hours overwhelmed the site. Users are free to play with the data, and The National Archives released some great infographics that show how the world has changed in the last 70 years.

    -America has gone from 89% white to 73%

    – The number of female college graduates has gone up roughly 7 times, from 3.8% to 27.9%

    -Manufacturing was the king of the economy, with 23% of employees, now its 10% and has been dethroned by “Education services, health care, and social assistance.”

    -The number of married women aged 20-35 has dropped from 68% to 39%.