Journalists React to Jonah Lehrer’s Fabricated Bob Dylan Quotes

  • New Yorker staff writer, Jonah Lehrer, has revealed that he fabricated quotes that were attributed to Bob Dylan in his biography, Imagine: How Creativity Works. He subsequently resigned from his post this morning.

    In an interview with Tablet reporter Michael Moynihan, Lehrer lied about the sources for certain quotes in the book, which was published in March by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

    Lehrer told The New York Times:

    The lies are over now. I understand the gravity of my position. I want to apologize to everyone I have let down, especially my editors and readers. I also owe a sincere apology to Mr. Moynihan. I will do my best to correct the record and ensure that my misquotations and mistakes are fixed. I have resigned my position as staff writer at The New Yorker.

    This follows last month’s revelation that Lehrer had pulled material from his earlier writings in other publications to pad content for his New Yorker pieces.

    Journalists took to twitter to comment on the Lehrer controversy and even make jokes on his behalf: