Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice Play “Craigslist’s Creepiest Creep”

  • Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice wrote and star in the new film, “Creep,” and they came by the Samsung Blogger Lounge to play “Craigslist’s Creepiest Creep” with Shira and Lon.

    The game has real Austin Craigslist postings from this week, and Duplass and Brice break down which ones seem normal and which ones seem like traps.

    “On the Creep-O-Meter, we’re on a 7.5 out of ten,” Duplass said of a man looking for someone to build him a “fancy mousetrap.” “If it was a true creep, they’d make it…so you’re coming in with your guard down.”

    They also broke down over-usage of the word “chill,” and how there’s nothing evil going on with a man who wants to smoke weed and go to the gym. Insightful!

    Plus find out what it means when someone has a “haunted toilet.” Yes, a haunted toilet. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.