Jon Favreau On Twitter, Vine, And How Tech Has Changed Film

  • Jon Favreau talks about his new film, “Chef,” and how new technology and social media have changed the way people make movies.

    To market the movie, Favreau said he created Vines with stars of the film like Dustin Hoffman and Amy Sedaris. “I was a pretty early adopter,” he said of social media. In the movie, his character is pretty tech-adverse and Emjay Anthony, who plays his son, teaches him about Twitter.

    “He ends up getting into a Twitter war with a food blogger not knowing that replies aren’t private and I end up ruining my career,” Favreau said. Oh no. “But this one [Anthony] ends up helping the food truck business with all his social media acumen.”

    When he made “Swingers,” the director said there weren’t even cell phones and now this new movie has Twitter and Facebook in the plot. “Every time the technology changes, it has a different implications for storytelling,” he said.