Jon Favreau On “Chef” Culture And a Future Vince Vaughn Collab

  • Jon Favreau, and the rest of the cast, stopped by the SXSW Samsung Blogger Lounge to discuss his new film, “Chef,” cooking culture, and writing the one script that’s hit him “really since I wrote Swingers 20 years ago.”

    “I wrote the thing in about two weeks and then set out to find somebody who could help me with the authenticity of the writing and the depiction of chef culture,” Favreau said, which is how he got hooked up with Kogi food truck’s Roy Choi.

    As for long-time collaborator and “Swingers” co-star Vince Vaughn, Favreau said he’s soon headed to Atlanta to act with Vaughn in a film called “Term Life” earning excited woos from the crowd.

    Favreau said he’s psyched to get back to his indie comedy roots with “Chef.”