Troye Sivan posts first vlog in years

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For the first time in almost five years, Troye Sivan has posted a personal video to YouTube. The reason for celebration? He has finally reunited with his dog, Nash, after seven months of being apart. Sivan has been in quarantine with his family in Australia, while Nash has been across the world in the United States. Like many, Sivan believed that he would only be in quarantine for a few weeks before life turned back to normal. This was clearly not the case, making this reunion a big moment. He decided to film his whole journey, from leaving his parents’ house in Australia to arriving at his house in Los Angeles.

This return to YouTube is an exciting moment for fans of Sivan. Before pursuing a music career, Sivan was a YouTuber. He started over 12 years ago in November 2007, posting singing videos, when he was just 12 years old. Despite his youth, or perhaps because of his youth, he was able to garner a massive fan base. Fans have gotten to watch Sivan grow both in age and maturity to the person he is today. His channel currently has over seven million subscribers. All of his videos in recent years have been related to his music, consisting of music videos and live performances.

Sivan himself joked about how rare uploading a video to YouTube was. He wrote, “who wants me to upload a YouTube video lol.” This comment was quickly followed by, “the year is 2014.  I am uploading a new vlog. Everything is nice.” He also took to Instagram Stories to say, “troyesivan18 is a cockroach that just won’t die.”

Social media has exploded with reactions to Sivan uploading again. Within minutes of his first tweet, the word “troye” was trending on Twitter. Fans are excited and shocked about his return, and nostalgic for the good ole days when he posted frequently. 


In the beginning of the video, Sivan got personal. He talked about his experience in quarantine, living with his family, and gave viewers insights into his childhood. He shared how he used to vlog when he was scared or stressed when he was younger. This pandemic understandably has brought up strong feelings of fear. He said that he hopes that vlogging experience will make it seem less frightening. 


Sivan teased many upcoming projects. The real reason for the video and travel, he said, was not just to surprise his dog. Going back to the United States will allow him to continue his work. He was filming a movie in Atlanta before the nationwide shutdown, and will resume that soon. He also said he will be filming a music video in Los Angeles for “IN A DREAM,” one of the songs off his quarantine EP by the same name. 


On a serious note, the vlog reveals the strangeness of current air travel. Sivan details the intense process of checking into international travel, and the eeriness of an empty airport. There seems to be less than ten other people in each of the airports he visited. The stores in the airport were all closed down and one of his flights had less than five passengers. The one bright side of the trip was the kindness that employees and passengers alike showed in the airport.

The best part of the video, of course, was when Nash saw Sivan.

Sivan edited the video to show Nash’s slow motion run. He added a light guitar music for a full emotional tug. It felt like the end of a dramatic movie, as if two characters should be running towards each other in the sunset or the rain. The glee from both Sivan and Nash could be felt through the screen. Honestly, it’s hard to tell who is more excited-the man or the dog. 

The video itself is titled “surprising my dog after 7 months apart!!!!!!! 🙂 *emotional*” and is a whopping fifteen minutes long. Guess this proves just how much Sivan really loves his dog.

This surprise from Sivan is truly a bright spot in many people’s lives.

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