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To say that some of our favorite content creators are heartbroken would be an understatement.

This Tuesday (July 7) President Trump announced his plans to ban TikTok from the United States. To say that some of our favorite content creators are heartbroken would be an understatement. There are fears that the ban on the incredibly popular app might be politically motivated, or more politically motivated than we thought. 


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press conference that banning the app has been on the radar of the state department for quite some time. TikTok is owned by a valuable Chinese startup – ByteDance, and there are fears that the company is illegally storing user data for the Chinese government. 


Content Creators have built entire careers around the app and the ban is causing many to fear losing their success. TikTok user Anna Sitar has over 85 million likes on the app from her comedy videos, and she posted this heartbreaking video about how much she’ll miss the app. 



the most important one i’ve made. #annaxdontwantit #futuregoals #savetiktok

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Other creators have also taken to the platform to voice their opinions, concerns, and grievances with the situation.  TikTok user Ariel Martin shared how upset she was about the TikTok Banwith her 34 million followers.


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And then there was Sydney or @howdyhowdyyall1 injecting some of her logic into the situation. I mean sure, It is important to be cautious and for creators to spread their presence across a lot of platforms, especially if they are dependent on their social platforms for income… but let’s face it. When has the US government done anything in an efficient or timely manner? Like Ever? 


Tiktok ain’t getting banned don’t panic #howdy #yikes #fyp #oops

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As of now The Hype House, The Sway House, and The Clubhouse have not released official statements on their plans if the app is banned from the US. Sway House member Griffin Johnson made a TikTok on his personal account showing the things he was thankful for from the app – his girlfriend, Dixie Damelio, his friends, and even his car were included.


 But what do you think about the TikTok Ban? Do you think that the US government will actually follow through with this and ban the app? Or do you think this is more pomp and circumstance. Let us know in the comments below!