It’s crunch time now

With the 59th Presidential election upon us, our presidential candidates are trying to get every last swing in that they can. President Donald Trump drew attention to himself yesterday for commenting on the fact that Lady Gaga was joining Joe Biden’s for his last campaign event in Pennsylvania last night. Is that supposed to be some kind of dig, you might ask? Not necessarily, but Trump points out that pop star Lady Gaga is a part of an “Artists against Fracking” group, and insinuates that this is where Joe Biden’s true stance on the fracking matter lies. 

The Tweet

As everyone mentally and physically prepares for the outcome of tonight’s election, President Donald Trump is doing what he does best- tweeting. 

He took to Twitter yesterday to explain “proof” that Joe Biden will ban fracking and “skyrocket” energy prices by pointing out that one of Biden’s performers for tonight’s last campaign event, Lady Gaga, is a part of an anti-fracking group. Trump’s conclusion is that if Biden’s performer is against fracking, Biden must be as well. 

Trump continues and uses this as an opportunity to remind voters that he promises to always protect American energy and jobs. 

But many Americans claim to see right through this tweet and are calling it “desperate” and embarrassing.

Others claim that he’s just jealous he couldn’t secure a big star for his own campaigning events. 

For those who don’t support Trump, many believe the President is threatened by powerful women, as this tweet exemplifies. 

But Trump supporters are in agreement with the President, and think Biden is lying to the American people about his stance on fracking.

Others poked fun at the ludicrousness of Donald Trump’s statement. One Twitter user actually found an old tweet from Trump, praising Lady Gaga. This tweet insinuates that by using Donald Trump’s logic, if Trump is praising anti-fracking Lady Gaga, he’s basically praising anti-fracking himself. 

Trump Campaign Statement And Lady Gaga’s Clapback

What actually gave Trump grounds for his tweet was a statement released by Trump campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh Sunday night. In an effort to address Pennsylvania voters’ concern, the statement accuses Joe Biden of appeasing liberals by promising to end fracking. The statement claims Biden doesn’t care about the working people of states that rely on fracking by “campaigning with anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga.” The main takeaway from this statement was to say that Trump will not ban fracking and that he “always puts the interests of blue-collar workers first.”

Lady Gaga, queen that she is, responded to the President and communications director on Twitter. She clapped back and exclaimed she was happy she was living in their heads rent free. 

Lady Gaga has shown her support for the Democratic party for a long time, and this year’s election is no difference. She took to Twitter on Sunday to encourage Pennsylvania residents to vote. 

Final Campaign Events

Both parties are in the final stretch of the campaign right now. Election day is finally upon us after a hectic few days hosting multiple events, both parties doing their best to get some last minute campaigning in. Biden and Trump both spent a lot of time yesterday and over the weekend focusing their attention on the voters in the swing state of Pennsylvania. Biden started his Monday off by meeting with union members and labor leaders in Beaver County. In the evening he hosted a drive in campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was joined by Lady Gaga. 

Kamala Harris spent time campaigning in the southeastern Pennsylvania regions. She hosted a drive-in rally where she was met by musical artist John Legend. Legend has also been a public supporter of the Democratic party, campaigning for Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren during the primaries. 

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump hosted a rally in Scranton, PA  on Monday, as Vice President Mike Pence hosted his own in Erie, PA. 

Trump also hosted four rallies in Buck County on Saturday, and Biden hosted one in South Philly. A very busy weekend indeed! 

Election Day

Donald Trump’s accusation of Biden’s stance on fracking could be considered outlandish to some, but it is also representative of the way this presidential election has gone. The immature behavior and accusations are not just one sided but have come from both candidates, which can be disheartening to see. 

America is in a state of unrest and this presidential election will be potentially life changing to some people. As the final campaign events (and final insults) of this wild presidential campaign begin to wind down, it is important to remember our compassion for our country, ourselves and each other. Make sure to vote today if you are willing and haven’t done so already, be safe, and take care of yourself and each other during this time.