TURKEY CHALLENGE: Millennials Trick Moms Into Thinking They’ll Microwave Their Turkeys

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Now that we’ve settled in with our Thanksgiving meals cooking around in our sweet little tummies, I’m sure we’ve woken up with a start and went “Oh no! I forgot to prank my loved ones on this beloved familial holiday!” How to prank your loved ones you wonder? Well, these individuals have decided to text their mothers and ask them how long they should microwave a turkey for.

Note, you really shouldn’t microwave a turkey.

Understandably, not wanting their children to get violently ill, the mothers freaked out, and called their kids, as these children thanklessly laughed at these women who would risk their very lives for them! Oh foolish kids! How dare you trick you maternal matriarchs so!? Horror! Insult!

So what weird ass thing are we going to text our parents next? I know! I’ll tell my mom I’m going to microwave my Christmas tree. Excelsior!

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