Twins React to Phil Collins, and their reaction is GOLD!!

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After a long week of TikTok possibly getting banned, Jake Paul’s house getting raided by the FBI, and the COVID-19 Pandemic continuing to rage in the United States everyone needs a release. Some people need to just nap, other people need to watch Netflix, some people need to listen to Phil Collins. 

Earlier this morning Phil Collins was trending on Twitter along with his song in the air tonight. The 80’s classic had not changed, but rather, two teens listened to it for the first time and their reactions are INCREDIBLE. And the video has brought together generations of Phil Collins lovers. 

The video features TwinsTrend, a set of twin brothers listening to songs for the first time and filming their raw reactions.

Twitter saw the video and as a whole now has its videos trending. People are wanting them to react to way more than just 80’s trends, but for the most part, people are just taking the time to celebrate Phil Collins’ discography.

Even Pam Kieth, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida jumped on the trend to bring everyone together around the sheer power of Phil Collins and his ability to bring generations together through his absolute bops. She shared her love of the song and commended Collins for his ability to bring people together through legendary music. 


The Twins have also watched covers of Jolene by Dolly Parton, and even more Phil Collins music and it’s arguably just as good. But the internet is finding this to be a teachable moment and some good news. Even in times of an unprecedented pandemic, and a crisis in Lebanon we can all still take some time and enjoy the melodies of Phil Collins’ and his epic and life-changing beat drop 3 minutes into a song.

Tell us what you think? Is this song a bop, or would you rather listen to something else?


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