Our lives are being made into a movie.

For over 7 months, the world has been shut down as people are prohibited from going to school, work, or other daily activities in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Frustrations with the pandemic have rose as we are approaching colder weather and cases are increasing. At the start of quarantine – a term that has become too normalized – people sarcastically compared the pandemic to movies, but top Hollywood producer Michael Bay is actually bringing the pandemic to the big screen with his new movie ‘Songbird’ starring KJ Apa and Sofia Carson.

What is the Movie About?

We may be still dreading the effects of COVID-19, but in Bay’s world – four years into the future – the virus has transformed America into an apocalyptic society as the virus has mutated into COVID-23, killing over 50% of its victims.

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Through mandatory thermal scans, citizens must scan their face each day to detect a possible infection. If an anomaly appears on the test, the infected will be immediately removed from their home and forced into a quarantine camp. While waiting to be escorted to a camp by the sanitation police, the infected person may not leave their home – or they will be shot on sight.

Living in this dystopia are the protagonists Nico (KJ Apa) and Sara (Sofia Carson) who fall in love after meeting online during the beginning stages of quarantine. Though they have never met in person, they have played crucial roles in each other’s lives by helping each other cope with the harsh realities of the new world. However, Sara becomes infected with the virus and must wait for the sanitation police to take her away. But Nico – who is immune – will go to any lengths to get to Sara before she is seized.

Throughout the trailer, the song ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley is used to depict the new normal, but the lyrics “Don’t worry bout a thing cause every little thing gonna be alright” is ironic as clearly nothing is “alright” and the song speeds up as more horrific events occur and harsh realities are revealed.

Twitter’s Reactions

This thriller’s plot may be suspenseful and intense, but many think it is too soon for a movie about the current pandemic as we are currently living through it and watching thousands of people die.

One Twitter user compared the pandemic to the last crisis America has suffered, 9/11. After 9/11, the user claims films avoided using the World Trade Center out of respect for the lives lost and says Bay is being insensitive to those who are suffering greatly from the pandemic.

Other Twitter users are agreeing that the movie’s intensity and horrific depiction of the pandemic is not the kind of media we need to get through these dark times.

In addition to these comments, people are declaring that Bay did not “read the room.”

Also, many are declaring that Bay has “no taste” by choosing to produce this movie.

Many are also angry that Bay will be profiting off of the tragedies of 2020 by releasing this movie.

The release of the trailer has also sparked many to call for Michael Bay’s retirement.

Some are also despising the trailer for its cringiness.

However, one Twitter user is arguing how Hollywood has utilized societal fears of the time for movies in the past, but in a more subtle and unrealistic way. But no one could have imagined a worldwide pandemic, so this movie only increases mass hysteria for the future.

Another Twitter user is commenting on the irony of ‘Riverdale’ actor KJ Apa starring in the movie as she claims Apa has been public about his views against wearing masks.

On the other hand, Twitter mostly has positive thoughts about singer and Disney star Sofia Carson, and some will watch the movie solely because Carson is starring in the film.

At one point, many of us expected for someone to eventually make a movie about the pandemic, but some never expected a movie surrounding the fears of COVID-19 would be the first movie to get the green light to begin shooting during the pandemic.

Although it may seem that we are living through a movie today, do you think it is too soon to make a movie about COVID-19? Do you think it is possible that Michael Bay’s movie will become a reality?