Twitter is Having an Unofficial Jack Black Appreciation Day and Its About Time

From Tenacious D to School of Rock, fans cannot get enough
By Victoria Hunt

Jack Black has been steadily trending on Twitter, but not for the usual reasons. He is in healthy condition, and he has not done anything problematic, nor anything incredibly attention-worthy. Twitter just remembered how fantastic he really is.

The ‘Nacho Libre’ alum is getting an unofficial day of appreciation via his fans on Twitter. The hilarious actor has starred is several comedies, and even romances over the years including The Holiday, School of Rock, and Kung Fu Panda. He has even dabbled in music, with his parody band, Tenacious D.

Fans are sharing their favorite Jack Black moments with gifs, clips, and pictures and you need to see these hilarious posts.

Twitter Loves Jack Black’s Body Positivity

These Twitter users pulled a scene from School of Rock, where Jack Black’s characters gives a pep-talk about self-confidence to a talented young girl. These users related to this scene and spoke about their perspective.

Hamish wrote, “This scene is more revolutionary than I think they even knew and it really stuck with me as a child. Especially the last line.”

Simone quoted the tweet, saying, “This scene literally changed my life. I will always love this movie AND Jack Black just for this representation.”

Josh Barnes tweeted, “If the Oscars had any taste Jack Black would have won best actor for SCHOOL OF ROCK.” We agree, Josh. That award was ROBBED from Jack Black.

Danielle Kurtzleben said, “I’ll say it: Jack Black is one of the most underrated TREASURES of our time.” He really is the backbone of comedy.

This Twitter user wrote “jack black did more for my body image issues growing up as a fat girl than my mother or any other adult ever did.”

Life Lessons And Appreciation 

Eric Alper reminds us all what School of Rock really taught us, writing out,

“Lessons Jack Black teaches us in School Of Rock: Life isn’t easy. Do what you like to do. You have every right to be happy with exactly who you are. You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Music makes life better.”

Tim Chantarangsu wrote out every single reason we love Jack Black as well. “I’m glad Jack Black is trending because: Nacho Libre is one of my favorite comedies. Kung Fu Panda Trilogy, some of my fav animated movies. Tenacious D has comedy bangerrrs. School of Rock is a classic. He’s highkey a genius. Give this man his flowers!”

Kevin shared this beautiful #goldenhour shot of Jack Black in the movie Nacho Libre with the caption, “Finally people are seeing Jack Black‘s greatness.”

This Twitter user also appreciated Jack Black’s role on School of Rock saying, “Jack Black trending for his performance in School of Rock, as well he should. The man’s passion in all his roles is legendary and I stand by this movie being an all-time favorite.”

And finally, this Twitter user shared a few clips of Black’s best roles including Jumanji and Kung Fu Panda, with the caption, “jack black HAS ALWAYS UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT.” HE REALLY HAS.

It is about time Jack Black got the recognition he deserves for his role in every movie he is casted in. Not to be dramatic, but HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS MAN? We may make this a national holiday.

What are your favorite Jack Black moments? Share them with us!