What an age of enlightenment we live in

With hundreds of Trump supporters flooding downtown Washington D.C. in protest of their president losing the election to Joe Biden, Twitter liberals have taken over their trending hashtags by filling them with pictures of pancakes, among other things.

The March 

Trump supporters gathered in D.C. to protest President Trump losing the 2020 presidential election, most of which were not wearing masks. Supporters were chanting for four more years of Trump’s presidency, urging him not to concede to Biden. 

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The “March For Trump” was organized by Women for America First, and was anticipated to have 10,000 participants. D.C prepared for the protest by blocking off streets all around downtown as the march was expected to go from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court. 

The Trump protest was sparked by Trump’s disbelief in losing the presidential election, and claiming that there must have been voter fraud. As many of us know by now, as Joe Biden took the lead during the election, Donald Trump claimed it had been rigged. As of Friday November 13th, he still believed the election was rigged.

Speeches from enthusiastic Trump supporters were delivered, echoing the cries of voter fraud. Some also talked about how to stop Joe Biden from becoming president. Trump supporters include white nationalists, conspiracy theorists and far right activists. Trump flags and signs were waved as they demanded to “count the legal votes.”

Rumors flew that President Trump would stop by to speak, but he decided to play a round of golf instead. He did grace the presence of his supporters by driving through the protest and waving on his way to play golf in Virginia.

While Trump didn’t stay long,  a group of counter-protesters arrived at the corner of Freedom Plaza at one point holding bright orange posters that read “Refuse Fascism.” They were quickly surrounded by Trump supporters chanting, “USA! USA!” 

The counter-protesters made their way all the way up to 14th street, screaming into their megaphone for Trump to leave. A few Trump supporters tried to hurt them along the way, using their orange posters as a weapon against them. Police quickly came to make sure the situation didn’t get more dangerous. 

Shortly after, the whole Trump supporting crowd began singing the national anthem. 

After the violence that came from the BLM protests this past summer, D.C. residents prepared for the worst for this protest. Residents were warned to not go out during the Trump march.

Aggressive behavior ensued from members of the Proud Boys who were at the march. They wore shirts that read “Stand Back, Stand By,” which references Trump’s directions to them during a debate in September. The Proud Boys marched down the streets chanting, “F**k antifa” and screaming “all lives matter” at those who opposed them. 

#MAGAMillionMarch Hashtag Takeover 

The protests continue online, spilling onto Twitter using hashtags such as #MarchForTrump and #MagaMillionMarch, but the liberals of Twitter are up to their own counter protest. They have taken to flooding the Trump supporting hashtags with aesthetic pictures of pancakes, LGBTQ pride and other liberal ideals. 

It seems that TikTok user Shea Depmore inspired the online protest with her video encouraging anti-Trump and liberals to take over their hashtags. She said, “we are not going to counterprotest in person! We are going to take over their hashtags instead.”

CW: offensive language

And oh, the pancake content came through and it is not disappointing.


The images ranged from classic homemade pancakes to beautifully, professionally constructed- possibly photoshopped- pancakes. Participation points to everyone. 

A crowd favorite was definitely the snowflake pancake. A creative (or perhaps just passive aggressive) way to own the liberal nickname coined by conservatives.

A few pancake posts made a play on the swing states that were flipped blue during the presidential election.

The pancake peaceful protest seems to have restored faith in some about the younger meme generation. 

The counter protest didn’t end with pancakes though. Liberals started to fill the Trump hashtags with LGBTQ+ pride content and other “liberal agenda.”

Internet trolls wanted in on the frenzy and got their own hashtag trending, #MillionMoronMarch.

Oh what an age of enlightenment we live in, truly.

President Trump continues to tweet about the election being stolen from him and that the people “will not stand” for this kind of voter fraud. But while Trump and his supporters continue to tweet and mourn their election loss, Twitter liberals are having a pancake field day. You might go so far as to say they are having their (pan)cakes and eating them too. We hope everyone is staying safe with all the protests going on, and whether you’re eating blueberry pancakes or snowflake pancakes, we hope you enjoy.