Twitter Thinks Annabelle Doll Escaped And The Reactions Are Hilarious

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Early Friday morning, Annabelle Doll became a trending topic on Twitter as rumors of the haunted dolls’ escape from The Warren Occult Museum began to circulate throughout the internet. While many know Annabelle Doll from the 2014 horror film Annabelle and the 2017 prequel Annabelle: Creation, the actual haunted doll, owned by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren currently resides in the museum located in Connecticut. Legend has it that the spirit which supposedly resides within Annabelle Doll is that of a demonic spirit pretending to be a child.

Original Annabelle Doll

While it is unknown why and how the rumors regarding the Annabelle Doll started, the public can rest easy knowing that the rumors are a hoax created by the internet. Annabelle is in fact safe and sound in her glass case within the museum. 

Regardless of the false rumors, the buzz about Annabelle’s ‘escape’ on Twitter have picked up in speed as users have been creating hysterical and witty memes about the event. Many users joked about Annabelle reacting to the mess that’s been 2020 when she escaped from the museum.

Other Twitter users posted about how they would react if they saw Annabelle.


As 2020 has already been crazy enough, let us all hope that Annabelle Doll doesn’t actually decide to take a vacation from her home in the Warren Occult Museum anytime soon. If you see Annabelle hitchhiking somewhere on the East Coast, let us know down in the comments and follow What’s Trending for more!

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