Twitter Wasted No Time Creating Lots Of Trending Trump Memes

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President Donald Trump’s infamous Twitter fingers have yet to slow down. His tweet on Sunday night has quickly turned into a viral meme. Trump’s “I WON THE ELECTION!” tweet has earned him a new nickname across social media…White House Karen.

Trump’s Tweet

Donald Trump’s latest tweet insisting upon his victory in this year’s election quickly sparked some major backlash on social media. He has been clear that he believes the election was rigged and claimed voter fraud but has not shown any real evidence of these claims.

Trump refuses to concede and the closest he has gotten to admitting his defeat was when he tweeted out that the only reason President-elect Joe Biden won is that the election was rigged but he still believes he will be able to win the election.

This tweet, like many of his other tweets, was flagged by Twitter. Twitter noted that the claims about election fraud are disputed. Twitter has been very strict with disclaimers on President Trump’s tweets. Trump’s tweet claiming that he won Pennsylvania and alleged 700,000 ballots weren’t allowed to be viewed was flagged with a new disclaimer showing that other media outlets have stated otherwise.


President-elect Biden took 306 electoral college votes while President Trump had 232. Out of the 73.1 million votes, President Trump was behind by more than five million popular votes.

However, despite the results of the election, Trump’s election campaign filed many lawsuits disputing the vote counts in a number of states. Several of the cases filed were dismissed due to the lack of evidence. “No evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised,” The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released in a statement.

Twitter Meme

Following Trump’s latest accusation and claim to victory, Twitter users followed the tweet with a humorous spin with a declaration of their own. People immediately participated in this trend with all sorts of claims.

This user joked about a competition from an old commercial.

While this user declares his favorite NBA team is the real winner of the finals.


These two women joked about their college struggles.

And this is a declaration everyone can relate to after the year we have had.

Some users had tweeted this out which became part of a similar trend.

The declaration trend started several other trends on Twitter mocking the President’s tweet.

CW: Offensive language

It looks like Twitter had a lot of fun with the President’s tweet. Following the jokes, Trump had officially been deemed social media’s white house Karen.

White House Karen 

2020 has been a year full of “Karens” who are described as mostly white women, who show public displays of privilege and entitlement. Twitter has dubbed President Trump as the biggest Karen of them all. Many people edited photos of him on “Karens” with the hashtag #WhiteHouseKaren.

Naturally, as people love the Karen meme, this became very popular very quickly. People changed some of Trump’s tweets to meet the common phrases spoken by Karens like demanding to speak to the “polls manager” after the election results.

President Trump’s Twitter Fingers

While these tweets are trending, Trump continues to tweet out his claims about the election. After the news about Moderna’s vaccine being 95% effective, Trump tweeted out taking credit for the vaccine.

He said that he’s the one in office while the discoveries took place which, “will end the China Plague” which just caused the trend to continue. Users telling Donald Trump to concede instead of being a White House Karen.

A former Trump national security adviser, John Bolton, stressed the importance of Republican leaders telling voters that Trump did lose the election. He said that the claims of election fraud are false and it needs to be explained to the voters. John Bolton says he left the administration last year but President Trump disagrees claiming he fired Bolton.

It’s unclear what President Trump will do in the next couple of weeks but he has shown no interest in conceding. Donald Trump and his attorney Rudy Guiliani are persistent with the claimed about voter fraud. In Trump’s tweets, he has shown his clear view that he will win the election and be in office for his second term. In the meantime, people will continue to make memes of the newest member of the Karen family.

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