Twitter Users Collaborate to Share #StuffThatShouldNotExist

The trending hashtag has people ready to get rid of crocs, debt and billionaires.
By Victoria Hunt

The Twitter-sphere always has something new to get behind, and this week it is the hashtag #StuffThatShouldNotExist. In such a stressful, and unprecedented time in our lives, it is nice to have a light-hearted subject trending on the Twitter, and a hilarious one at that. Twitter users gathered on the social media platform to share the most random, and insignificant items they could find. The results were funny, interesting, and…well, just plain strange.

So What Should Not Exist? 

Some people took the liberty to post their least-favorite foods, celebrities and even game characters. You will have to see it for yourself.

We need a mental break after seeing these “Picnic Pants,” shared by Annie C on Twitter. These are so cringe-worthy. Um, how can I unsee something?

Aidan brought carpeted bathrooms to our timeline, and we cannot handle how gross this is.

Tala brought these Nicholas Cage boxers to the conversation and we are a little terrified. Seriously, who buys this stuff?

If you live in California, you have probably seen these scary looking creatures. We agree, these should NOT exist. *Shivers*

Dan Smith shared this canned chicken with the caption, “Yeah…this one makes me profoundly uncomfortable.” Same, Dan, same.

Dannie started a little controversy sharing a pic of crocs, saying, “I don’t care how comfortable they are. These are the ugliest shoes known to man #StuffThatShouldNotExist.” We know you paid a lot for them. We know how comfortable they are. But we cannot support crocs as a closet staple. Sorry!

KK Garrett shared some real truth tweeting out, “A 6 pack of hot dogs with an 8 pack of buns. Seriously, change one.” WHY DO THEY DO THAT? We have so many questions, and so little answers.

This Twitter user hit the nail on the head with this on writing,”These containers that the entire world can hear you opening #StuffThatShouldNotExist.” We can literally hear how loud this picture is. Definitely, not midnight snack friendly. 

Politics and More

While most people used this opportunity to call out insects and random items from the internet, others found this to be a time for politics.

Lauren called out all the billionaires of the world, writing, “#StuffThatShouldNotExist billionaires: whether it’s $1 billion or $180 billion, poverty exists because of this greed.”

She was not alone. Many Twitter users took the hashtag call out billionaires.

Ms. Fortune on Twitter made a list detailing exactly what she thought should not exist typing, “Student lunch debt, Medical debt, College debt, Homelessness, Food insecurity, Billionaires, Health Insurance, Cash bail, Death penalty, For profit prisons, 40+ hour work weeks, Diet industry, Wars, Cauliflower crust pizza, Septuagenarian politicians.”

Ann Autumn is bringing realness to the table by suggesting that the “multi-billion dollar diet and weight-loss industry” needs to not exist. We agree with you, Ann!

There you have it. The most incomprehensible, least helpful, and most random items the internet could gather to prove that they should not exist. Did you agree with all of these? What would you get rid of if you could? Personally, I would toss Celery, wasps and Converse hi-tops. Let us know in the comments!