Twitter Users Went to War: Superbad vs Mean Girls

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On the morning of Friday August 28th, Superbad and Mean Girls were trending on Twitter. The cause? A poll! 

As part of their ‘Teen Movie Bracket’, a popular media outlet, The Ringer, has been pitting teen movies against each other for followers to vote on their favorite. Mean Girls and Superbad were in the semi-finals competing for a spot in the finals against the beloved comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. However, this poll ignited fiery debates as some were not content with the results.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Mean Girls follows a teenage girl who transfers to a new school and strives to fit in. She is faced with the challenge of navigating through typical high school drama from boys to cliques. Although this movie has a compelling plot, it is most known for its legendary quotes such as, “on Wednesdays, we wear pink” and, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” which people still refer to today. 



In 2017, thirteen years after the movie was released, the high school comedy made its broadway debut. The broadway show was an instant hit due to its established fanbase rushing to buy tickets and learn all the songs.

Because of the obsession and adoration many have for Mean Girls, fans have created an unofficial holiday for the movie on October 3rd. On this day, people share their love of the movie with others, usually by posting Gifs and images of this classic scene.


The opposing classic, Superbad, highlights the journey of three friends as they attempt to deliver alcohol to a high school party in order to impress their crushes. Various obstacles allow them to endure a crazy and comedic adventure from oblivious cops to wild car rides. Superbad does have many iconic quotes, but it is best known for its comedic moments! From Fogell’s hilarious fake ID and reign as McLovin, to the lengths Seth will go to impress his crush and successfully bring alcohol to the party, this movie can be considered comedic gold.


Superbad may not be a broadway show or have its own holiday, but the characters have remained prevalent in pop culture as people refer to their hilarious moments and characteristics.


Not only are these movies considered classics due to their relatable comedic factors, but also from their renowned characters that have become staples in pop culture. From ‘The Plastics’ queen, Regina George, to the nerdy yet semi-cool McLovin. These characters have become a part of our everyday language as they are used to describe the stereotypes we may see in everyday life.

It should be noted that the actors who played these symbolic roles have become household names such as Lindsey Lohan, Tina Fey, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and many more. Despite the fact that these films premiered over 10 years ago, these actors’ careers have skyrocketed since and almost everyone has at least heard of one of their names.


Although these movies have had long-lasting adoration, the Twitter poll determined that more people favor Superbad.

However, the Mean Girls’  fandom will not let their favorite movie of all time be inferior to Superbad.


People love when movies are relatable, so in the end, it seems like Mean Girls will appeal to those who have experienced similar drama and cliques in their own school. If this was you, you probably will appreciate the savage jabs taken at this demeaning culture. Others may lean towards Superbad if they have had similar motives to its protagonists. If you relate to this, you probably will find humor in the lengths the characters will go to achieve their trivial goals, not to mention a good laugh at the memory of trying to impress a school crush. 

After considering the plots, characters, and Twitter responses, do you agree that Superbad is better than Mean Girls, or should Mean Girls have won? Which movie do you think is more relatable?



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