Twitter’s ‘Hurt Me’ Meme Reaches Unexpected Level of Sadness

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Twitter’s new viral meme, that has become known as ‘hurt me’ started off as an innocent example of a conversation between two people who enjoy slighter *kinkier* sex. However, as people across Twitter started to join the bandwagon for this trend, things started to get very dark, very quickly.

Some examples of the meme are quite funny, but some have shown a new level of sadness, as people technically rip themselves apart in this one-man version a couple’s dialogue. I get it’s called the ‘hurt me’ meme, so maybe people thought that they might as well define it with what hurts them most, but some of these are pretty close to home, that I’m actually getting second-hand ‘hurt me’ sadness. But let’s start with the lighter, funnier ones…


See? Pretty funny, and very relatable. However, the meme escalated pretty quickly and although these people have used the meme to express the true thoughts that we all have throughout the day, some of these may be worth having therapy over…


Anybody else feeling a pit of despair inside after reading these? I really hope these aren’t real examples of what people have experienced during an intimate time with their partner. Although, this is the one that really hit me where it hurts…

Please One Direction, stop my doubts and make me feel happy again. I definitely need it after the emotional scarring caused by these tweets.

Do you think the ‘hurt me’ meme has gone too far? Did any hit close to home? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

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