5 Crowdfunding Projects You Should Back…Right Now

  • 1) AQUABOT: Makes Your Water Bottle Spray 25 Feet!

    Source: www.kickstarter.com / Via: www.kickstarter.com

    The Aquabot turns Camelback and Nalgene water bottles into a mister, a stream hose, and a shower! The project is already successful, but you only have a couple days to get the Aquabot for the Kickstarter backing price of $18! Are you ready to make your water bottle more useful? Click here to back this project.

  • 2) PantryChic – The Secret to Hassle-free baking

    Source: www.kickstarter.com / Via: www.kickstarter.com

    Love to bake, but hate the mess and the clean up? Check out PantryChic, a preparation and measuring system with none of the mess. This project has 3 days left to raise a little over $21,000 in order to become successful. So if you’re tired of measuring cups, you can click here to back this project.

  • 3) Ritot

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    The future is now. Ritot is the first projection watch, so get ready to live out your sci-fi movie fantasies. Sure, the project has already raised over $1 million dollars so the project doesn’t really need more funding…but who doesn’t want to be a spy from the future?

  • 4) Mighty Speaker – Waterproof, Dustproof, Floating Bluetooth Speaker

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    If you like to take your tunes with you everywhere…literally everywhere, then you might like the Mighty Speaker. A bluetooth speaker that’s basically anything proof.

  • 5) LEO: Fitness Intelligence HD

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    Wearable sports technology is becoming increasingly popular and LEO is probably the most advanced piece of wearable sports tech. It measures everything all the competition does, but also measures things like hydration, lactic acid, and more. To help with injury prevention, and promotes more effective exercise.

  • Shut up and take my money

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