A Post Where I Engage With Users By Reading Toys “R” Us Complaints

  • Sometimes I feel that I don’t interact with WhatsTrending.com readers enough on social media. I post five to 10 articles on there a day, and hopefully you click some of them, but do I really add anything to the conversation? According to my superiors, no I do not.

    So this is me trying to make amends. I will interact with our Twitter audience this afternoon! Okay, let’s see what we got here.

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    Hmm…okay. A bit of an odd request, but you’ve sparked my curiosity. Is there a trending topic in those Toys “R” Us complaints? Perhaps a bunch of cats sleeping on dogs? A nip slip?

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    Seems like a real problem. Now, I did some digging to see if Doc McStuffins really is a trending topic and grabbed the following from Google Trends.

  • Doc mcstuffins

    Okay, that’s a semi-trend, and probably only do to Christmas shopping. Probably not something I’d write about normally. Let’s check out some more complaints.

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    Wow, Christine is SUPER ticked off. Six days after returning something and still no refund? I’d be upset as well. Not only is Christine never shopping at Toys “R” Us again, but she’s confident she can convince everyone she knows not to shop there either. For me, not shopping at Toys “R” Us is really not much of an inconvenience. I don’t have any kids and haven’t desired a product from there in maybe 20 years.

    But there are other people who have three or more children and desperately need Toys “R” Us for their Christmas needs! Christine better have an alternative in place for these people.

    ANGER = Trending

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    If I’m reading Kerry’s complaint correctly, she’s upset that the aisles at Toys “R” Us stores get messy around the holidays. This is not a complaint for Toys “R” Us. This is a complaint for all parents in the universe.

    I agree with you, Kerry. People need to keep an eye on their kids and not let them trash the place, whether it be a Toys “R” Us, Target, Koo Koo Roo or Macy’s.

    HATING ON PARENTS = Trending

  • Lots of toysrus complaints

    There are a bunch of these. Maybe Toys “R” Us recently sent out an email about packages being delayed past Christmas? That would explain the messages popping up on their Facebook page every few minutes.

    To the person running Toys “R” Us social media: don’t let this affect you personally. I’ve been there. Online hate is the Internet’s one endlessly renewable resource. This is the fault of some asshole executive in an office in Maryland. It’s not you. You can DM me if you want.

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    Thank you to Kimberly O for pointing out all the complaints on the Toys “R” Us Facebook page. I couldn’t find a complaint from you, if you had one, but I appreciate that this is a topic you feel passionately about.

    I give this post a What’s Trending TSOA (Trend Stamp Of Approval)™