Sad Eli Manning is Sad, and Other Memes from Super Bowl 50

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  • This year’s Super Bowl had no real Left Shark moment, and that makes us sad.

    (This should give you a pretty good idea of our priorities here at the What’s Trending office.)

    We did get some contenders for the weirdest viral moment of the game, of course – the main one being Eli Manning looking really, really sad for some reason.

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  • Just a hunch, but we suspect he was feeling bummed about his brother Peyton Manning, who was about to celebrate his Super Bowl win by making things weird with a gratuitous shoutout to Budweiser.

    Lisa Weser, head of marketing communications for Anheuser-Busch, tweeted: “Hi Internet. For the record, Budweiser did not pay Peyton Manning to mention Budweiser tonight. We were surprised and delighted that he did.”

    But it turns out that Peyton Manning owns shares in some Budweiser distributors in Louisiana, which could explain a few things.