Actually Exciting Golf News: Fan Heckles Golfer, Gets to Putt Hole

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  • After being challenged by golfers Henrik Stetson and Justin Rose, golf fan David Johnson got to putt a hole at the Ryder Cup this week. This isn’t the first time we’ve covered a fan going up against an athlete at their own game, after James Corden tried and failed to beat Usain Bolt in a foot race earlier this week.

    Johnson, from Mayville, North Dakota, was “razzing” 2016 Olympic silver medalist Justin Rose on his ability to make a putt. In response, Olympic gold medalist Henrik Stetson, also of Team Europe, challenged Johnson to make the putt himself. Johnson, under pressure, was able to sink the putt. It may be the biggest putt of Johnson’s life.

    In the video below, check out Johnson explaining himself.

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  • The Ryder Cup is a golf tournament pitting Team America against Team Europe. Team Europe has won each of the last five years.

    After discovering the short length of Stetson’s putter, he asks for Dustin Johnson, an American, to lend him his putter. Stetson made a bet with Rose that Johnson could make the putt; when Stetson won $100 off of Rose, he gave that prize money to Johnson.

    Team America currently leads the tournament with 4 points vs. Europe’s 0. As of this writing, America needs 14 ½ points to win back the Cup, and Europe needs 14 to retain.

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