5 THINGS That Led to Tana and Jake’s Divorce

Tana and Jake Paul are taking a break f

Tana Mongeau broke it down on what really happened with her breakup, or divorce from Jake Paul, and there are some things you might have missed.

Just as everyone suspected Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are no longer. The couple said that they are taking a break even though they truly do love each other. In instagram posts the couple posted late Thursday night, the two broke down that they truly do care about each other and are going to work things out, and Tana is, well, taking Jake’s Lamborghini.

Leading up to the breakup, Tana posted a video of how she said she lost herself when she was dating Jake and she was trying to be the perfect girlfriend.

In the time she was trying to be the perfect girl, she left the public hanging on a few things that are kind of key to why the relationship didn’t work out! One thing you might have missed is that, Tana never revealed that Jake was the one who wanted an open relationship. She actually didn’t want it but went along with it. The two have had their time seeing other people in past relationships, but Tana admitted it kind of broke her heart when he wanted to hook up with other girls because she was actually falling for him.

Another thing that you might have missed is that she feel for him in the first place because she actually felt a connection of being misunderstood. A lot of friends said not to go for this guy but overall she felt people said the same thing about her. From her Tanacon episode to other events in the past, she felt that people put a bad name on her and she overall could relate to how people painted Jake. Due to that, she felt in the end she could fix the Team Ten man himself.

Now you can fix people sometimes, but you can’t always fix the past, which is something that Tana also let people know how she felt about ex Erika Costell.

Number three, We thought we saw this one, but we really didn’t. Tana admits when she saw Erika hanging out with Jake, she was confused beyond belief. Jake apparently painted Erika to be such a horrible person throughout the entire relationship they were together. So when she saw the two of them together, obviously she freaked out a bit and told the world. Friends told her and even Jake’s friends said not to ever pull an Erika Costell on Jake and that it would break his heart, so why would he have lunch with her?

We don’t even know ourself why Jake Paul would be seeing an ex of his, or even why he would hang out with a bunch of girls on a boat without his newlywed?

Number two is the Yacht vacation/shoot/whatever is what suppose to be that Tana and Jake were suppose to take TOGETHER. Tana said she had a family death happen, but Jake STILL WENT. In Tana’s eyes, she was very much hurt and felt wronged by him, but she didn’t want to make a big deal about it. So, she kept it hidden while everyone else was making their assumptions of what was really going on on that trip. Overall, Tana doesn’t blame anyone but herself in why she lost herself in the relationship with Jake.

The two of them promised to ride the Clout train till the end and she says that once the marriage had happened, Jake kind of looked at her and said “now what?”

Coming in at number one, you forget that they still have been working on Bustedness, their new show coming to MTV. The two of them still have to work together and this whole separation might have an effect of why their show announcement was quickly pulled down. This may even affect when/if they are going to even air the show.