Nicholas Cage’s Doppelganger Picture Gone!

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  • According to the Daily Mail, a Seattle area user posted a photo of a Civil War era man bearing a striking resemblance to the film star under the description, “Nicholas Cage is a vampire.” Of course owning a piece of more than likely pseudo-proof of the supernatural species’ existence came with a price: $1 million.

    We’ve found the best comparison picture after a brief search, check out the resemblance:

  • Nic cage is undead
  • But, just as mysterious as the photograph’s appearance, is now the removal of the item from eBay’s site. The former link was listed under this URL. But now the link appears to lead nowhere.

    Did the item sell? If, not what happened to it? Is the similarity worth $1 million? If Nicholas Cage is, in fact, undead, what breed of the supernatural is he?