Happy Music Video-ween!

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  • Our featured videos this week take us to a costume party, on the streets with a vicious biker gang, and to the forever-stylized Room 205. We think these videos are our best finds yet, but you judge.

  • Featured Bands:

    Summer Camp brings us this amazing Halloween themed video for “Down.” The song itself captures indie pop vibe of bands like The Rentals or The Anniversary, but the video is what really makes this song stand out. The video for “Down” is done entirely in cinematic gifs, so while these people might look crazy doing things over and over again it’s really just music video magic.

    Friends is a band creating catching songs with an old school sensibility. This video for “I’m His Girl” sounds and looks like old school Brooklyn cool with a fun song to back it up. This song might be in your head for a while, we’re sorry we had to do that to you.

    Man Man has the cutest bad asses on the block this week in “Piranhas Club.” Anything that comes out on Anti Records is going to be great, those guys simply know their stuff. This video is no exception, the song is great, the video is great, and if you can find a Piranhas leather biker jacket, Christmas is right around the corner and you can email me to know where to send it.

    Craft Spells gives us our weekly dose of a driving song with spacey guitars. The song reminds us of something The Stone Roses and the video from InCase’s Room 205 sessions makes us happy that brands are producing such stylized music videos.

    Baywood’s “I Can Breathe Again” is simply refreshing in that it is refreshingly simple. Two guys playing acoustic guitars and an army of friends painting, dancing, bringing balloons. The video feels like a cool party and when you sport a moustache like this guy, it’s always a party.

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