Blanket Monsters, The Suitcase in the Lake, and 5 Great Music Videos

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    Seventeen Evergreen is our first Northern Californian group. It is silly to say a band is “big in Europe,” but Seventeen Evergreen certainly is, having appeared on BBC Radio 1, BBC6, and End of the Road Festival in the UK while gaining not nearly enough recognition stateside for their electronic psychedelic rock. The video for “Polarity Song” is an adventure in thrift store terrorism as knit monsters abduct unsuspecting shoppers into their world of blankets.

    First Aid Kit comes to us from Sweden. This folk duo has come a long way from their MySpace page in 2007 having recorded with Jack White, performed with Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, and their album due out next year will be recorded by long time Saddle Creek Records producer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Mogis. The video for “The Lion’s Roar” is beautiful all around. The shots are brilliant, but the pair’s harmonies steal the show.

    Cass McCombs is our next Northern Californian group. . His video for “The Same Thing” is the first single from his new album out on Domino Records. The song is amazing with eerie vocals and jangly guitars. The video is shot in grainy texture taking the viewer around California from LA to graveyards surrounded by forests.

    Nikki Lane brings us a great video this week, which for some reason only has 647 views at the time of this writing. The song is very much in the vein of Rilo Kiley putting traditional country music guitars into modern indie rock with beautiful female vocals. The video has a vintage flair that artists like Lana Del Rey use, but Nikki Lane makes it fit her style and sound perfectly.

    Kina Granis may be familiar with fans of viral YouTube musicians. Kina has earned a following the old-fashioned way, she makes good music and connects with fans. The music video for “In Your Arms” took 22 months to make, that’s right, almost two years. When you watch the video you’ll understand why. Animating with 288,000 jellybeans takes time, but some things are worth the wait. The video is done entirely with a still camera and feels like Peter Gabrielle’s video for “Sledgehammer” but pushes creativity and animation to a point where it could never be called a rip off.

    Now some housekeeping notes: we are going to be putting our HiFive show on hold to roll out a brand new show called INDMUSIC Break Out Bands. Every week we are going to be featuring a quick look at an amazing band and a live performance form CMJ.

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