Ryan Gosling and Jim Carrey Bring You Their Drunk History of Christmas

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    Ryan Gosling stars in the new holiday edition of Drunk History.

  • Last year, the Derek Waters and the Funny or Die crew produced a six-part series that made internet video watchers reel with laughter–Drunk History. This holiday season marks the triumphant return of the franchise. Known for pulling top-tier talent like Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel, Don Cheadle, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly, Drunk History is series centered around Errol Morris-like enactments of narrated historical events. The “catch” is that the narrator has over-indulged in terms of alcohol consumption.

    Today, add three more names to the list of Drunk History alumni. Ryan Gosling (so hot right now) stars with Eva Mendes and Jim Carrey in the newest incantation of the “Night Before Christmas.”

    After accruing millions upon millions of views across multiple platforms, Waters–the series creator, faced a ton of pressure in creating a new edition. But, Waters and his team have seemingly delivered a new classic to the annals of web video. Full of great quips from the narrator, who has apparently been drinking since 2pm, fantastic nuances from Gosling and Mendes, and a downright hilarious, “shhh,” and, “wink,” sequence from Carrey as Sant Claus, this video is a “watch-immediately-like-now-before-all-of-your-friends-so-you-can-take-credit-for-showing-all-of-them-and-the-consequentially-incessant-quotation-throughout-the-holidays” must.

    Take a look.