Twitter Hedges Over Facebook in 2011 Media Coverage

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  • There’s no question as to whether or not they were headline makers or that heaps of heavy news emanated from and about both of them in 2011. No, I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber. I’m referring to Twitter and Facebook. With protests across the globe, natural disasters, pop culture phenoms, and political scandals taking over the interweb airwaves, the two social networks received plenty of media coverage this year. However, only one real-time platform can be crowned the most talked about in the land. According to HighBeam Research, Twitter made up 50 percent of social network mentions in the media, while Facebook accounted for 45 percent.

    The debate over which site has more influence has been ongoing since the rise of social media first began taking shape a few years ago. Facebook currently has more than 800 million active users, while Twitter has more than 360 million. But it appears, that size doesn’t necessarily matter in this instance.

    Highbeam found that most of the Facebook news occurred in February when the company announced new layouts for Facebook pages, and in April when the Winklevoss twins appealed their $65 million settlement.

    Highbeam also discovered that these other social networks received a small amount of coverage.

    LinkedIn, 3.33 percent

    Myspace, 1.3 percent

    Foursquare, .71 percent